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Super-Tracer 2500W HTI Follow Spot (TA-1405)
Extreme powerful follow-spot for beam throws up to 70 m.
nur 7372.05 €
Tracer 1200W MSR Follow Spot Light (TA-1407)
nur 4873.05 €
High-Power Follow Spot 2500W MH (TA-1410)
nur 6075.25 €
Follow Spot Light T-1200W MH (TA-1425)
nur 1900.43 €
Follow Spot Light 2000W Halogen (TA-1440)
Quartz projector for lighting distances up to 25 meters.
nur 2009.91 €
Follow Spot 1000W Compact (TA-1460)
nur 838.95 €

Followspots for manual tracking of performers on stage or groups.They have a double lens with zoom optics for continuous adjustment of the beam and the edge sharpness.
The iris, a circular, adjustable screen allows to quickly change the size of the circle of light.
Some have built-in color changer follow spots, other models can be fitted with color filters or color changing magazines.
Affordable enforcement officers use halogen lamps, the pursuers are better with HMI or MSR lamps equipped for higher light output and less hot housing.

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by phone:
06186 - 915030
18. April 2021, 19:53
Today closed

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