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We will pay you 100 Euro for your old street lamp!

We will pay you cash for your old street light.
This offer is only valid in connection with the purchase of a new avenue LED mushroom lamp LT-2012 from us.

Set to energy-saving and durable technology
and save costs already when buying.

We disassemble your old mushroom lamp and recycle the components, even if the fixture is not working.
What is no longer usable, is disposed of as recyclable material or otherwise inappropriate.
More informations about the decorative streetlight Avenue LED Economy

We help you upgrading your old street lamps:

  • check for feasibility Send us the number of luminaires with type name and type of lamps used
    You are welcome to send us photos. .

  • offer: We are looking for the right conversion solution and send to you a favorable offer.
    Everything else we clarify with you on the phone or in person.

  • If a conversion is not economical, so you can exchange your old mushroom shaped street lamps.
    We give you money: 100 euro for your old mushroom light ! (This also applies when the old lamp is defective.)
    This offer is only valid in connection with the purchase of a new LED light LED Avenue LT-2012 from us. The return quantity is limited to max. 1000 pieces, whereby 1000 new fixtures must be commissioned.
    The Avenue LED is visually attractive, built from quality aluminum, energy saving and cheap too!

    More informations:
    While the old mushroom lamps use mercury vapor lamps HQL or fluorescent tubes consume 100% energy,
    need the sodium vapor lamps only about 50% power,
    however, the LED technology only about 30% of electricity consumption.

    We help in upgrading or replacing old lighting to energy-saving technology.
    Call us or send us an email with the desired lamp type and a brief description of your old lights so that we can tell you the cost of a renovation.

    Make sure when planning your lighting and the purchase that the lights are energy saving.
    In general, these are fluorescent lamps, metal halide discharge lamps (eg HQI, HRI, CDM), sodium vapor discharge lamps (eg HPS, NAT, SON) or LED light-emitting diodes.
    Also, see see informations in our Small Encyclopedia of Light (only german language) or let us advise you.
    Energy-saving technology is more expensive than power-consuming equipment. However, you will be surprised how quickly makes the extra cost paid by the lower power consumption. Furthermore energy-saving light bulbs last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs do.
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