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Recessed LED Downlight 30W rectangular
2. LED Street Pole Light Round Mirror


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Decorative LED Lamps ...

The new series of LED filament lamps.

The filament of the old light bulb was successfully replaced by LED wires.
When switched off, the "filaments" appear yellow, turned on the filament produces a bright and pleasant light.
The light emission is free of shadows and equal to all sides.
Finally a lamp, in the design and the lighting, totally like an incandescent bulb.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Energy saving - 90% savings compared to incandescent lamps
  • instant bright light - no warm-up time
  • No mercury or other harmful substances
  • Extremely long life span

  • Click here for more info
    Currently this style is available in "light bulb" design E27
    and as candle lamp E14.

    Perfect for chandeliers, wall lamps and other open light fixtures, where the bulbs are visible, such as in hotels or in homes.
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    LED Flood Light 600W Stadium Lighting

    Decorative LED Lamps ...


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