Leuchten, Lampen, Aussenleuchten, Bühnenleuchten, Innenleuchten, Lichtsteuerung für Bühne und Gebäude, Stative Traversen, Leuchtmittel.
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about  GEO-Technik

Manufacturer and exporter for professional lighting since 1978
The aim of the company was the development, trade and repair of audio systems, lighting systems and other electronic equipment.
In 1999 the company headquarter was moved to Kahl in Bavaria.
Reorganisation: GEO-Technik specialized in lighting systems for TV studios, theatres, lighting for industry, outdoor and streets.
In 2005 GEO-Technik founded a new solar department, only for development and production of solar lights.

  • Own solar light designs
  • made in Germany
  • production to customer's specification
  • high quality standard
  • regular product tests
  • product trainings for our customers

  • Die Webseite  www.dimmer.de

    You find almost all our products on our website.

    Search by ranges of application,
    e.g., outside lighting>> street lights
    or search by keyword or order code

    The item descriptions contain all the important facts and pictures.
    The listed prices are suggested retail prices.
    According to the order quantity, the price is reduced.
    The prices in our printed catalogues are not valid any more.

    Many other technical explanations
    do you find in our small light encyclopaedia
    at info.dimmer.de

    Our References

    Your contact partners

    Martin Georgi (CEO)

    Kathrin Schütz
    Kathrin Schütz (Physikerin B.Sc., ppa)

    Manuela Amberg
    Manuela Amberg (Verkauf)

    by phone:
    06186 - 915030
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