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  • Short Form in german language   (pdf  0,3 MB)
  • Complete manual version 2.0 in englisch   (pdf  2,8 MB)

  • Scanner Bibliotheque
  • Bibliotheque (  (117 KB)
    Device files for Hydra with 228 scanners and moving lights.
    At desk software older then 2xx, the files must be direct in the root directory of the floppy disk.
    At version 2.00 all files must be in a directory named "SPOTS" .
  • Scanner List  (pdf  52 KB)
    An overview about all models.

  • Demo-Test
  • Hydra for Win computer Full Simulator  (750 KB)
    Version for fast Windows computers.
    On bottom of the monitor screen appears the Hydra. All buttons and wheels can be used by mouse click, like at the true. The top of your monitors screen shows the original monitor view with all channels, crossfades etc...
    DMX transfer is not possible. But your here edited shows can by saved on a floppy disk and loaded into the real Hydra.
  • Hydra for Win computer
    especially for older computers under DOS or Windows: To simulate all Hydra functions with a computer.
    No mouse operating. DMX transfer is not possible. But You can save all your edited shows on a floppy disk and load it into the Hydra console.
  • Keyboard pattern for computer keyboard (Word)
    The keys of the keyboard have temporarily a different function.
    With this pattern You have a better overwiev.
  • Keyboard pattern for PC keyboard (RTF universal)

  • Software-Updates These updates do not run with a computer (only with the Hydra) :
  • Hydra Scan 1.82
    Direct update off V 1.40
  • Hydra Stage 1.82
    Direct update off V 1.40
  • Hydra Scan 2.03
    Attention - changed key functions since V 2.02.

  • Hydra Stage 2.02
    Attention - changed key functions.
    Please check at first with the technical service.

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