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The price-economic multi tool for light control in cinemas, schools, hotel rooms, conference rooms, multi purpose halls and shopping galleries. Due the compact and flat housing ideal for wall-mount. The fast solution for many applications in hall-, stage-, and room lighting.


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The GeoDim Wall can drive loads as:
  • Resistive loads: Tungsten high-volt, chandeliers
  • Inductive loads: Halogen low-volt, magnetic transformers
  • Capacitive loads: Electronic ballasts, electronic transformers
  • Switchable loads: In the menu every channel can be defined as dimmer or as switch,
    to be able to control non-dimmable loads like motorized projection screens, curtains, discharge lamps or blinders.

GeoDim can be controlled by:
  • the comfortable menu directly at the dimmer
  • wall push-buttons: Create own lighting scenes and start them by external switches.
  • wall potentiometers: Direct regulation of single channels.
  • DMX: Light consoles
  • Analog input: 0 ... +10 volts.
  • Analog input: 1 ... 10 volts, EIB actors, controllers for fluorescent ballasts.

  • 2500 watts load capacity per channel.
  • Magnetic breakers for each channel.
  • Intelligent operating menu with lighted display: Automatic priority selection of the inputs, fade-time, memory functions, operating hours counter.
  • 8 memories for Your lighting scenes.
    they can be created directly in the menu.
  • Internal memory: All setups and scenes are stored inside, even if the dimmer has been switched off.
  • For direct wall-mount (very flat), into electrical distribution or 19" rack-mount.
  • Safe operation and service-free full digital technology.
  • For continuous operation at 100% load.
  • Very low noise: No fan noise by air convection cooling. Nearly no choke humming by GeoDim special filters. So the GeoDim can be positioned directly on the stage or in office rooms.
  • Perfect electrical filtering.
  • DMX start adress can be selected freely
Model Channels Pwr supply Extra Dimension Order code
GeoDim Wall 4

4 x 2500W

1x 230 volts 40 amp


W 220mm
H 440mm
D 100mm


GeoDim Wall 12

12 x 2500W

3x 230 volts 40 amp

Temperature watchguard,
3 CPU power supplies
for very high drop-out security,
programmable chasers,
4 dimming curves.

W 483mm
H 440mm
D 100mm